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Specializes in personalizing your Cane, Staff, Paddle, Cup, or T-Shirt.
Kustom's FAQ'S
Can I personalize my item with my name and information?
You can pretty much get anything aslong as it is pretty decent in size, has a silhouette, and is not too detailed.

How much do they cost?
The prices range according to the difficulty and qauntity.

Is there any way to get a discount?
Yes, if you buy 3 or more canes.

How do I pay?
You can directly through the website

What is your PAYPAL / email address?

How long does it take?
It usually takes 1 week after your payment and description have been confirmed.


How are you different from other Kane company's?
-We use quality 3M tape (5 year life expectancy)

-We guarantee 100% satisfaction guaranteed

-We are the original Kustom Kane

-We make each cane customized to the buyers preference.

-We KAN do any design you see, but they KAN NOT do our

How do I design my own kane?
You can go to the kreate your own page and fill out the information neccesary then visit the buy now page. Or email me your design directly at

What are they made of?
They are made of tape and wood. (we do not use paint)

How tall are they?
They are approxiamtely 27 inches, however we can cut them to any height per your request.